Foreword:  This is not Chris Gerke.  This is his eccentric, sarcastic, somewhat bias assistant, Brittney.

Many say the hardest part is taking the first step.. whether achieving your dream, losing weight or leaving the suburbs.   It's hard to leave the comfort of corporate accessibility within a 2 mile radius, I know, I've lived it.  Personally I hated every second of that reality, which is why I avoid it and embrace inner city living. Rapidly approaching my third year of being an OTR resident, I've seen a lot of development within the neighborhood.  Many privately owned businesses opening, buildings gutted, parks renovated to entertain the highly diverse community and meter maids never missing a step in ruining ones day.  

Since becoming quite the tourist attraction it has a plethora of watering holes. However a good majority have the "pinky up" feel to them.  I'm a flannel wearing, socks with sandals kind of girl. With that being said, I'm not sure what's more taboo, socks/sandals combo or PBR's with erect phalanges....  Regardless, the stars have aligned.  Alas: Queen City Radio.  An everyman's type bar that boasts tv's at all angles, reasonable drink/food prices and puppy paw friendly.  The name was kept original to it's past of being an old service station turned radio installation company.  A food truck, Queen City Whip, sits on site and serves a traditional burger, falafel burger, chili dog, fries and milk shakes.  The menu was created by Elias, Eli's BBQ owner, which has been ranked as high as #3 nationally for their BBQ.  "Wow", I know. 

Again, I may be slightly bias but QCR adds to the many reasons to escape the 'burbs and explore what the City of Cincinnati has to offer.  Below are links to articles on Queen City Radio. Depending on the night, you could order a $3 Miller Highlife draft from yours truly!   Cheers!